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Winning Sequence Dance Scripts are supplied in the UK by authorised Script Services such as Brockbank Lane, and Churchfield Dance Services. Scripts can be in your hands within an hour or so of the end of the competitions, depending on the level of service you choose, and scripts are available to all who Sequence Dance, you do not have to be a professional to order scripts. Visit their websites using these links below.

Brockbank Lane Sequence Dancing Script Service
You'll find the Brockbank Lane Website, using this link

Churchfield Dance Services, PO Box 199, Ilkley, LS29 0WS,

Note that we list these websites in purely Alphabetical order, just click the links to go direct! You may wish to contact them to ask for a samplescript and details of the services available before you commit to one or t'other service, there are slight differences in the presentation of the scripts, and ease of use, as well as how soon after the dances are announced as having won, that the scripts arrive. What suits one person may not suit another ~your mileage may vary as they say!

Learning The Dances From Scripts

I'm not sure if there's an "easy" way to Learn Dances from Scripts - or learning to read scripts. You could try using a script for a dance that you already know, and follow that through on what you know from the dance itself. Many leaders or professionals are willing to help with advice onsteps in the scripts, however that is their choice, and whilst we personally would be happy to help, some others may not offer that type of advice. Also, professionalleaders are generally prevented by copyright laws from photo-copying scripts for others who have not subscribed to a recognised script service.

Sequence Dance Online Guide to reading scripts.

To be able to read Sequence Dance Scripts, you need to know the abbreviations in general use on the Scripts, so here's a selection of some of the mostoften used abbreviations :-

Abbreviation In Full Meaning
L Left
R Right
LF Left Foot
RF Right Foot
LH Left Hand
RH Right Hand
LOD Line of Dance
DW Diagonal Wall
DC Diagonal Centre
fwd forward(s)
OP Outside Partner
PP Promenade Position
CPP Counter Promenade Position 
Q Quick
S Slow
ww without weight
H Heel
T Toe
B Ball
IEB Inside Edge Ball (of foot) 
com commence(ing)
cont continue(ing)

The above list is by no means complete, but should help you interpret a major part of any Sequence Dance Script youcome across.

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Carrickvale Sequence Dance Club Website

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Sequence Dance Scripts Abroad

All of the UK Script Services will supply scripts to overseas addresses, albeit at extra charges, and obviously hard copy of these will take longer to arrive after the competitions.

Some SAMPLE scripts of older dances are available for free download off the internet, try the following websites.These might be useful to help you decide if you would like to teach yourself to read scripts. before taking out a subscription to a Script Service.

Sequence Dancing Online Script Exchange

Sequence Dance Online is NOT a Script Service, nor do we copy or publish copyright protected material, however, with the gradual closure and demise of Sequence Dance clubs, and retirement of Sequence Dancing Professionals, we've amassed a quantity of "duplicate" older scripts in various formats. Some are HOP style or Original scripts as issued at the original competitions, some are scripts from different older script services, some are simply the Heavy Type headings printed on crib cards. We hope to catalogue these gradually, but in the meantime, please send us an e-mail if you have a need for an older script, and we'll get back to you if we happen to have a duplicate original!

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