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Learning the Dances

Learning almost any form or style of Dance generally involves a process of "Watching then Doing", and Sequence Dancing is no exception. There are those who will advise you to jump in at the deep end, and just go off to any Sequence Dancing session you see advertised locally, and follow the dancers in front of you. Now, whilst sequence dancers generally are a welcoming and tolerant bunch of folks, some Sequence Dancing Clubs specialise in dancing Modern Sequence, and will dance ALL of the new dances as they come out, with very few dances older than a couple of months or so.

Some clubs that follow the Modern Sequence Dancing ethos may only keep a dance "alive" for a few weeks, replacing dances with the new ones as soon as they are released, sometimes within hours of their release. Since many of the folks who attend this type of session are very committed and serious about keeping up to date with the new dances, you might find you just don't have enough time to learn and keep up, especially if you don't have a lot of previous dance experience.

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Sequence Dancing for All

Social Sequence Dancing

At the opposite end of the scale are Social Sequence Dances where the programme is made up of the older well-known dances such as the Mayfair Quickstep, Balmoral Blues, the Sally-Anne Cha Cha Cha, Melody Foxtrot and many more. These older dances are repeated on a regular basis, each dance coming up on the programme every few weeks or so. Clubs like this are often regarded as the grass roots of Sequence Dancing, giving pleasure to those who just want a social event with a non-pressurised atmosphere and dances that are well known as well as being easy to learn and fun to dance.

As a beginner, you'll get the chance to learn at a more relaxed pace, using many of the steps that are repeated in various forms in many other Modern Sequence dances. That's not to say that this type of club never introduces new dances, they do! Especially the newer but easier dances, a couple or three that spring to mind from recent dances include the Saunter Shiraz, Madison Swing and the Alpine Stroll.

Many venues have Professional Leaders who not only demonstrate each of the dances, but may also have teaching sessions before or during the programme where new dances (or new to the venue dances) are taught to the members. You need to decide which approach is best for you, be prepared to try more than one club or venue in your area till you find the one that suits you. Check out clubs near you using the Clubs Pages, click here or ALONGSIDE

If you live in, or are visiting the Edinburgh area, you'll be welcome to Mel and Ella's Social Sequence Tea Dances on Friday afternoons at Carrickvale Community Centre. There's a separate website for this at Carrickvale Sequence Dance Club, just click on the link to go direct for more details. A regular programme of older standard dances will help you to get started in learning Sequence dance.

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