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Up till late 2009 early 2010, this website was produced using information researched for our own interests and knowledge needs. Now it's time to add the pages that YOU want. If there's anything connected to sequence dancing you'd like to know more about, then if you like to ask, we can research this on your behalf, then add it to the sections and pages already here for all to reference, building the website into a valuable sequnece dance resource for all sequence dancers in the UK and further afield. Simply send us an e-mail and we'll try to find out whatever it is you want to know, adding pages with the researched information as we go!

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Sequence Dancing for All

Work In Progress

There are always current work and projects in the pipeline, some longer term because of the complexity, some shorter term and these mostly come online within weeks - longer term projects include possibly a searchable online database of scripts information - that's the dances, when invented, inventors and any other available information such as music used originally, suggestions for other info that might be useful would be welcomed. Watch out for things running in a BETA type set-up - - you can use the links alongside to go to any item marked as "NEW", as a starter!

The shorter term project was basic information and an overview of the history and known origins of the various dances (Quickstep thru Ballroom style into Latin, and also Old Tyme and Classical. This includes tempi, time signatures and also how strict tempo sequence is usually constructed, intended to be of help, for example, to anyone coming into Sequence Dancing and wanting to know how to select music suitable for Strict Tempo Sequence Dancing. If you have any questions or suggestions about Material that should be added to this, please e-mail!

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